Our food menu

At Pakwaan, the aim is to provide customers with a nutritious meal which is delicious and healthy, ensuring with confidence that satisfaction prevails - every time.
The menu reflects a combination of traditional and modern Indian food. A lot of emphasis is given to the nutritional balance of the dishes. As customer tastes and preferences evolve, we aim to provide a variety of products, designed to suit everyones’ taste and palate

Chicken Tikka


Boneless Thigh fillets marinated in yoghurt and spices, slow roasted in Tandoor oven, salad and mint yoghurt.

Lamb Seekh Kebab


Spiced lamb mince kebabs, salad and mint yoghurt

Vegetable Samosa (Each)


Spiced potato & peas curry puffs, date and tamarind chutney.

Spinach Pakoras


(served with date & tamarind dip) Crisp spinach & chickpeas flour dumplings, date and tamarind sauce

Onion Bhaji (Each)


Crispy onion fritters, date and tamarind chutney.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka


Indian version of baked ricotta, salad and mint yoghurt.

Samosa Chana Chaat


De-constructed vegetable samosa, spicy chickpeas, date & tamarind, Mint yoghurt..

Dahi Papdi Chaat


Vegetarian Indian Nachos – crispy chips topped with potatoes , chickpeas, date & Tamarind and Mint yoghurt sauce

Chicken tikka salad/chaat


Tandoori Chicken morsels, salad leaves, yoghurt dressing.

Idli Sambar


Steamed rice flour dumplings, spicy lentil curry and coconut chutney.

Chana Bhatura


Deep fried bread, spicy chickpeas and pickle.

Paani Poori


Crisp fried Puffs, filled with potato & chickpeas, served with a spiced tangy water.

Butter Chicken


Marinated Chicken fillets, cooked in Tandoor and served in a creamy tomato sauce, finished with fenugreek leaves.

Chicken Curry


Home style medium spiced curry, finished with spinach tossed with garlic.

Mango Chicken


A mild dish of chicken cooked in a fragrant yoghurt and mango sauce, finished with coconut & fennel.

Lamb Roganjosh


A traditional Lamb curry, medium spiced.

Lamb Saag


Spicy Lamb curry, with spinach tossed in mustard, curry leaves and garlic.

Chicken Madras


Chicken cooked in a spicy coconut cream sauce, with fresh chillies, flavoured with curry leaves.

Beef Korma


A rich Lamb curry, with a creamy yoghurt sauce, finished with garam masala and fennel.

Beef Vindaloo


A spicy and tangy beef curry, a Goan classic.

Chicken Tikka Masala


Marinated Chicken fillets, cooked in Tandoor, served in a spicy tomato, capsicum and onion sauce.

Mixed Daal


A combination of three lentils, slow cooked and finished with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and coriander.

Mixed Vegetable Korma


A Pakwaan speciality, vegetables tossed in a fragrant sauce, finished with coconut cream and fennel.

Aloo Matar Masala


A traditional dish of potato & green peas, finished with garam masala and coriander.

Punjabi Kadhi


Vegetable dumplings served in a spicy & fragrant yoghurt curry sauce – a North Indian delicacy.

Chana Masala


Chickpeas cooked in a spicy curry sauce, with potatoes.

Aloo Baingan


Potato & Eggplant curry.

Paneer Palak


A spinach & cottage cheese curry in a cumin scented sauce, finished with cream

Paneer Kadhai


A popular cottage cheese dish in a tomato sauce, flavoured with fennel and coriander.

Basmati rice – Low GI rice


Chicken Biryani


Lamb Biryani


Goat Biryani (on the Bone)


Vegetable Biryani


Plain naan


Garlic Naan


Cheese Naan


Cheese and Garlic naan


Aloo Parantha


Tandoori Roti (wholemeal)


Amritsari Kulcha